What We Do/ About Us

About Us

Walk and Picnic in the sunshine

We are a small charity set up to bring together people in the Berkshire area (we also help people living close to Berkshire too) who live with Epilepsy and enable a sense of community spirit, where we can meet up for to chat and give mutual support and where possible help resolve many of the issues relating to living with Epilepsy. Offering socials events which can be enjoyed in a safe environment knowing there is support available wherever necessary

We want to educate people and organisations and help them to be more aware of epilepsy, its effects on lives and how they can help both in general and how to deal with someone who may be having a seizure.

Linking people to allow regular contact over the phone or social media, to foster a growing community that cares for each other listening to the positives and negatives and supporting each other in the everyday issues of living with epilepsy.

What we do:

We are a small charity that has been set up to help people in the Berkshire area and close to the boarders of the county living with Epilepsy. It is run by people living with Epilepsy, carers and people who have volunteered to support us in our aims.

We realise that Epilepsy affects people in very different ways. Each Person, the newly diagnosed and the person who has lived with Epilepsy for a long time, often need different types of support and advice.

We aim to

To help those with epilepsy by giving support to their needs and requirements.

To help educate the community and organisations, e.g. schools, colleges, scouts, and guides, about epilepsy and the effects it has on people who have it and their families.  All members to have a say and be involved in coming up with ideas for the talks where possible.

To facilitate social activities to promote a sense of wellbeing for people with epilepsy and their carers.  To develop friendships and a sense of belonging.

To bring more people with epilepsy together to discuss their issues and offer help and support.

To supply equipment where necessary to ensure the safety of people with epilepsy.  This would depend on individual needs.

To help, where possible, those with epilepsy in the workplace or to facilitate their needs for self-employment.

To fund raise to support the above purposes, all members to be involved and raise ideas on specific things we could do.