Pauline Story

My Personal Epilepsy Journey – by Pauline

Hello, my name is Pauline. I am retired and was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 68 years. It took approximately six months before my diagnosis was confirmed, as my symptoms were different from many other forms of epilepsy. With the help of regular medication, I am now symptom-free and lead a normal busy life.

I can drive, play sports, attend exercise classes, and help run our support group. Joining this was very beneficial to me, as I could meet other people living with epilepsy and this has enabled me to share my story and they, theirs.

Many of us have different forms of epilepsy, so learning and understanding this, was quite an eyeopener. Our support group have monthly sessions and together we organise other activities, such as: picnics, restaurant meals, films at cinemas bowling and pub quizzes

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