My Mum Has Epilepsy (Book)

My Mum Has Epilepsy (Book)

“My mum lives with Epilepsy”, That means she sometimes falls down and has a seizure

Sometimes people call seizures other anther names like:

“Funny Turns, Spells or Fits.”

Explaining Epilepsy to some one can be quite difficult.

This easy to read Book, specifically aimed at children, may help to answer their questions anot Epilepsy and what to do if someone has a seizure.

This book would be helpful for Parents and Teachers of children.

It explains and guides without being frightening

It can be quite scary to see someone having a

seizure, but try to stay calm.

Move things away that could hurt the person.

Roll them onto their side and put something!

soft under their head.

DO NOT put anything in their mouth.

Don’t try to stop the shaking.

The seizure may last for one or two minutes.

When the person wakes up, they may feel

muddled up.

Make sure people don’t crowd round.

Wait with the person and talk quietly to them until

they are feeling better.

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