Lees Story

Lee’s Story and Quest for Knowledge

My name is Lee and I am 35. I was aged 15 and in my last year of high school when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy.

When I was first told I had Epilepsy I didn’t have a clue what the word Epilepsy meant. My friends and family knew almost nothing, my GP didn’t know much and the waiting list to see consultant was just too big. I felt I needed to find out as much as I could about Epilepsy so I could try to understand what was happening to me and why. I knew at this point obtaining information from a consultant was not going to be quick enough for me. My alternative option was to turn to books and look on the internet, in doing so I started to find out more about Epilepsy and my condition. After seeing a consultant and trying various drugs, I was still having seizures.

When I was 24, I was offered Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy. Eventually I went ahead with the two incisions required to have the VNS Therapy pulse generator and lead implanted, due to brain surgery not being an option and medication not having much of an affect. I am not sure the VNS has helped much either. It does not work for everyone.

I know I have lost a lot due to my Epilepsy but at the same time I do feel as I have had some small benefits to my life as well.

Saying that I have benefited from Epilepsy may make you think I’m going slightly crazy and that I have just contradicted myself, but when you really think about life there are almost always good sides and bad sides to every life event.

My Disability has helped me to see the importance of life. I know my Epilepsy needs constant attention and it’s because of this that I have learnt to look at my life from a much more positive frame of mind and do much more for myself and others whenever possible.      

Epilepsy Berkshire helps me by ensuring I never feel alone.

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