Epilepsy Week 2021

Epilepsy Berkshire


Epilepsy Week is May 24th – 28th and marks the national day when epilepsy charities aim to increase awareness and knowledge of this condition and raise funds. Epilepsy Berkshire is a small charity, founded in 2017 to help foster a greater understanding of epilepsy locally, to support those living with epilepsy and to raise funds on their behalf.

Our plans for Epilepsy Week are restricted, due to Covid. However, we do have a Zoom session scheduled on Monday 24th March at 7.30 PM. The email address to obtain the  Zoom link is secretary@epilepsyberkshire.org

We are also fund-raising; we are asking:

Do You Know Anyone with Epilepsy?

…or have seen an epileptic seizure?

Perhaps, then you may understand how limiting this condition is. Well, next week is Epilepsy Week and we at Epilepsy Berkshire are trying to raise funds, to help give better support to those living with this condition.

Our founder and treasurer Peter Clunie says…

We’re raising £500 to  Support Epilepsy Berkshire. I am running and walking 50km during Epilepsy week 24th to 30th. Please donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page and help make it happen’:


Please see our website for more details. https://epilepsyberkshire.org/

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